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                      4 сентября 2014 года состоялся финал конкурса парикмахеров MATRIX Color Awards 2014! Сотрудники РА "ТР-Студио" успешно справились с организацией конкурса. Поздравляем победителей!


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                      Audio clips

                      Audio ads cannot be estimated from the printed text - it must be heard!

                      Not always created material should be informative! It all depends on the purpose pursued by the Customer.


                      Do not be afraid of unusual solutions.

                      You should be afraid of boring and pale audio creations.


                      We provide:


                      - Create and read for record of ad video

                      - Sound Design

                      - Create audio presentations

                      - Narrator voicing of voice-over texts

                      - Questions and advice - for free

                      To improve the efficiency we aspire to:


                      - Create videos that turn on the imagination

                      - Create advertising with memorable sound

                      - Clearly set out the advertising idea

                      - Intriguing from the first seconds

                      - Complete video with effective well-known expressions

                      - Our video does not need much effort to understand the text

                      - Slogans are always in the right context

                      - Availability of information is always up to 5 points lower than the average IQ, which it was intended for.