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                Mall "Metropolis"

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                It is a personal appeal to the TA: sales promotion, merchandising, printed materials and personal appeal.


                Examples of realized campaigns and actions in the Photo reportage


                strelka  Consumer promo






                One of the most effective ways to increase sales, meant for the final consumer.


                The key point is instant contact with the target audience.



                Methods of influence

                :: Sampling - free distribution of the product

                :: Advice for buyers

                :: Distribution of promotional products

                :: Gift with purchase

                :: Lotteries, contests

                strelka  Trade promotion






                Focusing on the brand. Indication, through the bright visualization, of the goods, among many others on the shelf.



                Methods of influence

                :: Mystery Buyer – Control of service quality and attitude to the product

                :: Merchandising - correct location of the goods, control over distribution of printed materials

                :: Increase of sellers loyalty - methods to ensure favorable attitude of a seller to the product


                strelka  Direct marketing






                This is an individual appeal to a consumer, without intermediaries between the buyer and the product.


                Methods of influence

                :: Direct Sales

                :: Mailing

                :: Email shot

                strelka  Partisan Marketing






                Unconventional, provocative and low-cost methods.



                Methods of influence

                :: Virus advertising - interesting messages referring to the brand. Consumers shall send the information to each other by themselves

                :: Provocation is used when standard techniques are not enough

                :: Graffiti (commercial) - the brand effectively fits into `cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`cosm_`the urban environment of metropolis

                :: Flash mobs - planned actions of the crowd