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                      4 сентября 2014 года состоялся финал конкурса парикмахеров MATRIX Color Awards 2014! Сотрудники РА "ТР-Студио" успешно справились с организацией конкурса. Поздравляем победителей!


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                      Dmitrii Kapitonenko

                      I started photographing a long time ago, and it will last forever. It all began with amateur photographing just for me, and then it grew into a profession and began to please and started to bring money. Work has to bring positive emotions and satisfaction. You can be sure I will do everything to ...

                      Ekaterina Perekhodko

                      I have a great desire to bring my creative photographic ideas into `cosm_`life. My photos were published in magazines Elle and Fashion Seasons. Moreover, my photos were used in exclusive prints collection made by a clothes designer KRASNOVA (Victoria KRASNOVA) and they were presented at the Ukra ...

                      Eva, Yana Tokarchuk

                      We photographed for various magazines (Pink, Story, Harper's Bazaar, Top10, Fashion Seasons). In 2011 we won in the nomination “Finalists of Harper's Bazaar fashion-forward”. Our works were published in Harper's Bazaar, Pink, Top-10 Kiev, Fashion Seasons etc. We have also photographed for Ukrain ...

                      Katerina Nikonova

                      Workings experience as a photographer exceeds 5 years. I love to experiment with a style, theme shoot. I try to make a photo alive, and I am not afraid if someone considers them strange or confusing. I like to show models as strong people, but feminine. That is my understanding of art.

                      Kavun Aleksandr, Vlasiuk Irina

                      Hi! Our names are Ira and Sasha. We are engaged in studio, outdoor, wedding, reportage, subject photography and contemporary design of photo books. We work in Kiev. Shooting outside the city is also possible.

                      Lobanova Alena

                      Hi, my name is Anna. I live in Kiev.
                      I photographe with Canon 350, Canon EF 28-105 lens mm f/3.5-4.5 and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8.
                      The best work is unexpected frames, unusual places and peculiar personality

                      Lysiuk Ivan

                      At first there were landscapes. City panorama, city night-lights, its rains and fogs. Portraits - sometimes. From the beginning the nude genre attracted me, but I started to work in it much later - when I felt strength in me and arranged my own studio. I love the nude genre, I love when beauty o ...

                      Marina Durnitskaya

                      Unlike studio shooting skills when stands with lights can be moved at will, the light in landscape photography is an uncontrollable weapon.
                      In addition, quality and purity of natural light are directly related to the weather.

                      Marina Sirenko

                      In 2009 I graduated from the College of Kiev National University of Technology and Design with a degree in "Art Photography".

                      Nata Petrova

                      If you earn money with photographing - it's bad, because you're not a professional. You just make money. As a loader.
                      If you process photos in Photoshop - you cannot photograph, and are ashamed of this. If you do not use Photoshop, then you do not know how to work with it.

                      Sergey Ostapovskiy

                      Camera is just a tool:-) The tool that is pleasant to work with, which gives me all chances to take beautiful pictures. And how I do it - it is up to you to judge.

                      Svetlana Zamula

                      I am Liana. I have already lived for a year with my man Nik, without quarrels and fights. We have lots of kids, and they are born owing to great love toward art! And if honestly, I'm just one of many people who love photos. There are many ideas in my head and many desires in my soul)

                      Vasilii Sliusar

                      «As for me I divide photos into two groups: the ones that caught my attention and the others. What makes a picture special, memorable, alive? This is the same "zest" when the author manages to convey accurately the idea that was swirling in his head. Everyone can create a photographic ...

                      Yaroslav Zagoruy

                      We love photography because it stops the time. When we look at a picture, we first notice mood that was at the moment when the shutter worked. Senior people appreciate photography because it reminds them of what they were in the past. Youth appreciates photography for pleasant emotions and pictu ...

                      Yevgenii Beliaev

                      I am a Kiev photographer. I have professionally worked as a photographer for more than 5 years. I collaborate with various magazines and newspapers. I was on air on multiple channels. I work with famous people from movie industry, sports and show business.