Organization of bright, memorable events becomes a mandatory part of management of the organization.

The phrase "bread and circuses" is perfectly suited to the event marketing


Examples of realized campaigns and actions in the Photo reportage


strelka  Brand Events






Special events estimated by the number of effective contacts with consumers



Methods of influence

:: Open Day

:: Festivals

:: Presentation of products or services

:: Launching of a new outlet

:: Participation in community events

strelka  Trade Events






Events for Business Partners.



Methods of influence

:: Seminars

:: Forums

:: Conferences

:: Presentations

:: Exhibitions


strelka  Corporate events






Rising of spirit state in the company; statement about the company to the public and also a great episode for media coverage.



Methods of influence

:: Calendar holidays

:: Professional holidays

:: Internal corporate events

:: Birthdays of the company

:: Celebrating of any achievements of the company